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Snowman Bulbs

Today's Pinned it, Did it post is brought to you by a friend of mine. I completely fell in love with her adorable snowmen when she posted a photo of them! I begged, borrowed, and stole (well, I asked first) the photo and idea because I just had to share it with you, our lovely readers! She said these were really easy to do and here is how she did it! 1. Take your clear glass (or plastic) Christmas bulbs and stuff them with "insta-snow" (a.k.a. fake snow) and replace the tops 2. Use a paint marker to draw in the faces on the ornaments 3. Hot glue (adults only please) two glittery pom poms to the side to look like ear muffs 4. Carefully thread glittery pipe cleaners through the top of the ornament and attach to the pom poms And there you have it! The cutest snowmen Christmas bulbs I have ever seen! … [Read more...]

Popsicle Stick Soldier Ornament

Yup, it's more make your own Christmas ornaments time again.  Over the past few weeks, you may have read about all the popsicle stick ornaments we've been making.  Today we make a popsicle stick soldier ornament. I realized as I went to write this post that I only have one photo of Nutty making this adorable ornament.  We made so many ornaments at the same time that I forgot which ones I took photos of and which ones I didn't.  Oh well... As with the other ornaments we've made, you can pretty much figure out how to make the soldier just by looking at the photo.  However, if you need actual directions on how to make it, they can be found in the original post from which I pinned the idea (scroll down to #6). Nutty is 7 so she needed a little help with the finer painting (ie. the face) but otherwise she loved making the popsicle stick soldier and she says it's her favorite ornament she's made. Does your child have a favorite ornament that they've made? … [Read more...]

Popsicle Stick Nativity Ornament–Pinned it, Did it!

As I said earlier this week, the girls and I have been making popsicle stick ornaments.  The Nativity ornament is one that I pinned a while ago because I thought it was cute and it emphasizes what we believe is the true reason for Christmas. The original post has exact directions on how to make it but we think it's pretty easy to figure out from the photo. Nutty needed a little help with cutting the sticks but other than that, she did it all on her own!  She was so excited with the finished product! What have you made from popsicle sticks? … [Read more...]

Very Hungry Caterpillar Crafts

On Sunday he made:  a hand print caterpillar by The Whoot. All you need to make this adorable piece of artwork is some finger paints (red, green, blue and black) and some paper! Simply paint the palm of your child's hand green and the fingers blue (be sure to leave the thumb un-painted). Make four prints of this followed by a red circle for the head and black for the face! Easy and so adorable!   On Monday he made: an egg crate caterpillar by Rusty and Rosy.  To make this eye-catching egg crate caterpillar simply grab a pair of scissors and snip the sides of the crate to create legs (say that three times fast!). Have your child paint the first five green and the last one red. Once the paint is dry add antenna and google eyes! We have three or four of these floating around our house at any given time. They love to up-cycle things from around the house. On Tuesday he made: a paper chain caterpillar by Learning with Mrs. Parker. Construction paper is what you will need … [Read more...]

Baked Brie Bites–Pinned it, Did it!

I've been eyeing these baked brie bites on Pinterest for a while but haven't really had an excuse to make them until I hosted book club at my house.  They were a hit with the book club ladies, hubby, AND my girls!  I'll definitely be making these again for our fall gatherings! You'll have to go to the original website for the actual recipe but here's a few things I learned: 1)  Phyllo tarts can be hard to find (at least in my store).  I found a tiny area in the freezer section. 2)  Next time, more brie, definitely more brie! 3)  Next time, slightly less brown sugar. What do you think?  Would your family like baked brie bites?   … [Read more...]

Apple Cupcakes- Pinned it, Did it

I've seen some pretty cute apple cupcakes floating around on Pinterest lately and my son has a fall birthday so I thought what would be better? Lucky me he even requested his birthday party be at the local apple orchard! Whoot woot! These were really easy to accomplish and I love the way they turned out! Here's what you do: Start off with some freshly made cupcakes. My kids are split even down the middle for taste so I have to make "just chocolate" ones and "just vanilla" ones. Let your cupcakes completely cool and prepare your frosting. I attempted to follow someone elses pin by adding a sliced doughnut on top to add the "apple" shape but in all honesty it was incredibly messy, didn't turn out that well, and they didn't stick...so being the perfectionist that I am I started over with just regular cupcakes and frosting!Once you have your adorable cupcake ready to frost (oh one more thing...to add to the over all appeal try and use red paper liners!) slab on a bunch of red frosting (I … [Read more...]