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Four More Thanksgiving Activities for Kids and Adults

Last year we did a post on four Thanksgiving activities for kids and adults to do together while you hang out and celebrate as a family.  This year, we bring you four more! 1.  Pin the Feather on the Turkey This game is played just like Pin the Tail on the Donkey but instead you are pinning the feather on the turkey!  We found a great turkey template that you can print and color. 2.  Cornucopia Game Similar to musical chairs but Thanksgiving related!  Players sit on chairs forming a circle. There should be one more player than there are chairs. Pick an adult or older child that is not playing the actual game to be the leader. The leader points to each player to give them a name, such as "Turkey, Pilgrim, Cranberry," anything related to Thanksgiving. After names are chosen, the leader calls out two names, "Turkey and Corn." Those two players must quickly switch places. The leader keeps calling at a quick pace, until suddenly they say "The cornucopia has tipped over!" Everyone, then … [Read more...]

The Spirit of Giving With Your Kids

The holiday season is a great opportunity to spend time together as a family and create teachable moments of giving.  There are so many opportunities to give back, especially during the holidays.  Below are just some ideas on how to start a holiday giving tradition in your family.You can begin by thinking about the interests of your family and research ways to give to related organizations.  There are organizations related to literacy, animals, homelessness and so much more.  You may want to reference my recent post on finding a legitimate charity to support.  You could also ask older kids to research their own organizations and present them to the family for a vote.Here are a few specific suggestions for giving during the holidays:·         Frequently local social service agencies offer an opportunity to adopt a family or a child during the holidays.  ·         Donate toys your kids no longer use to Second Chance Toysor a local organization serving children.·         Donate gently … [Read more...]

Pumpkin Pie Spice Bars

Are you ready for the most amazing fall-ish bars? Here you go! These pumpkin pie spice bars will have everyone wishing it was fall year round! In a large bowl combine: 2 cups flour 2 tsp baking powder 1 tsp baking soda 1/4 tsp salt 3 tsp cinnamon 2 tsp pumpkin pie spice 2 cups sugar 1 cup vegetable oil 4 eggs 1 can of pumpkin pie filling (I use Festal brand) Pour batter into a large pan (11x17 inches should do) and bake at 350F for 20-25 minutes. Let the bars cool completely before adding the frosting. To make the frosting combine: 2 8oz packages of cream cheese (softened) 12 T butter (softened) 2 tsp vanilla extract 2 tsp milk 5 cups powdered sugar Spread evenly over the COOLED bars and get ready to enjoy! *Warning- if you make these for a family event, gathering, or party you will be asked to bring them again...every.....single....time!* … [Read more...]

Four Thanksgiving Activities for Kids and Adults

It's Thanksgiving Day and you've got a house full of kids and adults...how do you keep them all entertained?  Try these four activities that will get them interacting together: Word Search/Memory Game: 1)  Make a list of of Thanksgiving related words.  How many words depends on the number of adults you think will be willing to participate.  Number the words 1-?? 2)  When your guests arrive, give each adult a word from the list along with what number it is plus the following word from the list.  Give each child a piece of paper and pencil and word #1. 3)  Throughout the day/evening the children will search for all the words in order by asking the adults to act out the word he/she (the adult) was assigned. 4)  The children will ask the adults to act out words until they find #1.  That adult will give them word #2 and the children will have to hunt for the adult that acts out word #2.  That adult gives them word #3 and the process is repeated until the children have found all the … [Read more...]

Candied Turkey

I recently saw something in a magazine that I thought would be so fun and so great to make (and share with you). The treat is 100% sugar so how could I go wrong? Here is what you will need: Double stuff Oreo's (the ONLY way to go) Candy corns Candy corn pumpkin Rolo's Mini peanut butter cup Mini marshmallow Chocolate frosting Mini Oreo's Step 1: Stuff 7 candy corn's into the frosting of the first Oreo cookie (point down) Step 2: "Glue" (with chocolate frosting) the Oreo's together with the one with the candy corns standing up and the other one laying down. Step 3: Attach peanut butter cup with chocolate to the belly. Step 4: Attach candy corn pumpkin just above the peanut butter cup. Step 5: Cut one mini marshmallow in half, attach sticky sides to the top of the candy corn pumpkin. Step 6: Attach one cookie piece from a mini Oreo to the Rolo (upside down) to make the hat and glue with frosting to the middle candy corn. Step 7: Use chocolate … [Read more...]

Make a Thankful Tree

Thanksgiving is around the corner (at least it is in the U.S.) and what better way to get your kids in the spirit than to create a Thankful Tree together. I saw something similar at a local craft store and they wanted $100 for it....my entire cost $2.97 Here is what you need: A tree branch (preferably one with lots of twigs) A bucket or pot to put the tree in Sand (or I used a foam ball) to secure the tree in the pot Spanish Moss to cover the base of the tree A marker Hot glue gun Construction paper leaves (or foam leaves, like I used) Step 1: Cut out leaves using construction paper (or cheat and purchase foam ones at a craft store). Ask your kids to list things they are thankful for.   Write them (or have them write on it if they are able) on the leaves, using one word.   Step 2: Secure tree branch to bucket or pot using your sand or foam ball. Step 3: Cover the base of the tree with Spanish moss. Step 4: Glue leaves on the tree. (Make sure the adult does … [Read more...]