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Patriotic Krispie Bars

  Want to know how to please nearly everyone at your next Patriotic event? Rice Krispies are ALWAYS a hit!!! And if you take a little extra time and go the extra mile you will be earning high praises! To make these delicious bars you simply need to follow the standard directions but add food coloring. I knew I needed several bars so I made three batches (one in red, one in white and one in blue). Once you have made your blue batch press them down firmly in your pan and begin to make the non-colored (white) version that is standard. Add this layer to the top of the blue ones. Now that your white layer is complete you can begin on the red layer. Add the final layer to the top of the white ones and wait for the entire thing to cool. Once they have completely cooled you can cut them into nice sized squares and watch everyone enjoy, but don't forget to sneak a few for yourself! … [Read more...]

Memorial Day Popsicles

If you are in the United States you know that Memorial Day is next week and I thought this might be a good time to whip out my favorite Zoku Quick Pop Maker. Now, you don't NEED one, you can make these the old-fashioned way, but I will admit making 6 Popsicles in under 10 minutes TOTAL was a bonus! I used lemonade for all three colors because lemonade Popsicles are a favorite in our house. I just added a drop of red and blue food coloring to the lemonade. I sliced an apple really thin and used the star shaped cutter that came with my Zoku, but you can find these at your local craft supply store. I added the stars to the Quick Pop maker to add a little more of a festive look. I simply added blue to one of the pops and striped the red and plain lemonade to make the stripes. I love how the stars and strips pops turned out, and so did my kids! You can even get a little more creative and add more layers... good ol' Red, White, and Blue! Just remember to have fun and enjoy … [Read more...]

Patriotic Pinwheels

Almost all kids (and adults too) love pinwheels!  It's fun to blow on them and watch them twirl or let the wind take them spinning.  Today we've got patriotic pinwheels.  They're great for entertaining the kids at your Memorial Day party or while waiting for the parade to start! To make your own pinwheels you'll need: Red, white, and blue paper Scissors Glue and other things to decorate with such as glitter and markers A hole punch A Pencil with an eraser A thumb tac/push pin 1)  Start by making two of your pieces of paper square.  Fold one corner of paper over to the edge and cut off the excess rectangle. 2)  Unfold the square and fold it the other direction into another triangle so that the square has been folded into 4 triangles. 3)  Using your third piece of paper cut out stripes and stars (or any other shapes) and decorate one side of each square.  Use glitter and markers too if you want! This is what my girls' squares looked like when they were … [Read more...]

Memorial Day Fruit Kabobs

Holidays tend to be surrounded by food, at least they are in my family. Memorial Day is no exception! Looking for a snack that will sure to please, then look no further. Memorial Day Fruit Kabobs are really easy to make AND there are a few different ways to do them. My kids  love watermelon and blueberries so I usually use those fruits. All you need is a few skewers and some fruit and a few marshmallows. Ideas for RED                          Ideas for BLUE                                   Ideas for WHITE Strawberries                             Blueberries                                          Bananas Cherries                                   Grapes                                                Apples Watermelon                              Blackberries                                        Marshmallows Raspberries                                                                                         Popcorn Grapes … [Read more...]

7 Children’s Games for Your Memorial Day Party

We almost always get together with friends and family for Memorial Day.  While it's fun to let the kids do their own things, it's also fun to have some structured things to do too.  Here's some fun Memorial Day party games for kids:Photo Source1)  Patriotic musical chairs--It's the same as musical chairs but you play patriotic music!2)  Red, white, and blue scavenger hunt--Set a time limit and have the kids find as many red, white, and blue things as they can.  The child with the most objects wins!3)  Uncle Sam Says--Simon Says only patriotic!4)  Puzzle race--Print out and color two identical patriotic coloring pages.  Cut them up into identical puzzle pieces (i.e. cut them together, one on top of the other).  Separate into two teams.  The first team to put the puzzle together wins.5)  Make a person into a flag--Buy some red, white, and blue streamers.  Separate into two teams.  Have the children decorate an adult like an American flag using the streamers.  The best "flag" wins.6)  Red … [Read more...]