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Easter Fun With Carrots and Dip

Need a fun way to encourage your kids to eat their veggies?  This cute presentation is sure to spark their interest! Tottie couldn't wait to eat her carrots and dip after I showed her these potted cuties.  To make your own you'll need:Mini terracotta potsBaby carrotsParsleyVeggie dipMedicine cupsToothpicksScissorsStart by filling your medicine cups with your veggie dip.  Put your medicine cups in the terracotta pots. Use a toothpick to poke a hole in the top of each carrot then insert a small piece of parsley into that hole.  Last, you'll "plant" your carrots in the dip.  If you've filled your medicine cups high enough the dip will spill over the edges when you plant your carrots.  The spilled dip helps to hide the cups.Watch your kids enjoy eating their veggies! … [Read more...]

Flash Pals–A Unique Easter Basket Gift

Looking for something unique and fun to put in an older child's Easter basket this year?  How about FlashPals!  These super cute USB drives will have all their friends talking!FlashPals are the creation of Doug Stienstra who's girlfriend asked for a "cute" flash drive for her birthday.  When he couldn't find one he liked, he made one.  His creation was such a hit with his girlfriend and her friends that he turned it into a full-time business!  What's better, is that FlashPals has partnered with the world's leading giraffe organization, the GCF, to support their efforts to protect giraffes through sales and donations, so now FlashPals save data AND the wild.Each FlashPal represents a real animal species that faces real threats and each has a name.  Jamie was lucky enough to review Zena the Zebra. Zena came in the cutest little box.  When I opened it, I was instantly in love!  Here was this super cute zebra flash drive in this awesome clear storage tube.  I was a little worried about the … [Read more...]

25 Unique Non-Basket Easter Baskets

Are you tired of putting your child's Easter goodies in baskets every year?  Do you have piles of old baskets lying around from previous years?  This year, how about doing something different and practical with a non-basket Easter basket!? Before we move on, don't forget to check out our 50 non-candy Easter basket fillers and our 13 unique non-candy Easter egg fillers. Now ditch those boring baskets and try these 25 Non-Basket Easter Basket Ideas: 1) Beach pail Fill it with fun stuff to bring to the beach 2) Sun hat tipped upside down Fill it with sunglasses and other fun summer accessories 3) Personalized tote bag Fill it with anything 4) New pair of shoes Stuff the shoes with Easter goodies 5) Tool box Fill it with kid friendly tools for your little handy helper 6) Tackle box Fill it with fun things for a fishing trip 7) Backpack Fill it with art supplies 8) Large dump truck Fill the bed of the truck with smaller cars 9) Beach towel Put beach stuff on top and tie it … [Read more...]

Bunny Cakes

OK, OK so I know I'm tooting my own horn here but I'm impressed with how cute they turned out! I made "bunny cakes." I actually made the cupcakes from scratch, the batter, the frosting and the decorations! Yup! Aren't they cute? You don't have to go all out and make the batter and frosting from scratch like I did but you totally can if you want to! Either way, have fun and enjoy! Start with white/yellow cupcakes and set them aside to cool completely. Do not cover them or the tops of the cupcakes will become sticky. Add a layer of pink frosting to completely cover the tops of the cupcakes. Then add a smaller circular layer of white frosting in the middle of the pink (this will be the face of the bunny) Next you will take your marshmallows and cut them into small discs. Snip the mallows down the middle to create ears. Dip the sticky side of the mallows in colored sugar to decorate. Last decorate the face with candy sprinkles to make the eyes, nose and … [Read more...]

Mancala Easter Style

Mancala is a game that I loved to play when I was little, and still love to play today.  I didn't know the name of it however, until a few years ago.  My family always called it "The African Stone Game".  I have yet to get a real Mancala board for my own family but I do think Nutty is old enough to learn how to play.  That's where this Mancala Easter Style comes in! I was playing with an empty egg carton and some jelly beans working on another project when suddenly I realized that the egg carton and jelly beans looked like a Mancala board!  I tripple double counted the holes in the egg carton and on a couple of Mancala boards I found on the internet, and yes, they did match!  Yahoo!  I can now teach Nutty how to play Mancala! Here's what you'll need to teach your kids how to play: Egg carton Jelly beans (24 to be exact) Glue (optional) Paint (optional) Ok, a few disclaimers before we begin: 1)  The following pictures are a reinactment soley for the purpose of this … [Read more...]

50 things (other than candy) to put in your child’s Easter basket

Candy overload?!!! It seems like once the Halloween candy was gone then the Christmas candy came and when that was gone then the Valentine's candy arrived....so now Easter candy too? Ugh! My kids like candy like every other child out there, but we thought it might be fun to share some ideas of what to stuff their Easter baskets with other than candy that won't break the bank. Without further ado... 50 non-candy Easter basket ideas... 50. Sunglasses for the coming sunny months 49. Deck of cards, go fish or old maid work great too- my kids think this is the coolest thing ever! 48. A bag of balloons- for water balloon fights this summer 47. Lip balm or lip gloss- my kids go crazy over this one! 46. Terracotta pot- paint it together and plant something pretty 45. Seeds (for planting their favorite colored flower or vegetable) 44. A new book- who doesn't like a new book? 43. A new DVD 42. Puzzles 41. Digital photo frame- get those pictures off your computer and phone! 40. … [Read more...]