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Pin to Win $50 — #FindYourFlavor

Please note that I am given compensation for each entry via my link below. California Pizza Kitchen wants to know, "What is your flavor?" Share with them on Pinterest and you could win $50! 1)  Click this ENTRY LINK for the entry form and more details. 2)  Follow PinBoard & Repin or Pin your own image 3)  Enter your email 4)  Enter your pin URL 5)  Click enter to win Winners will be announced on 3/8/2014 via email. You are providing your information to California Pizza Kitchen and not to Pinterest or Toys In The Dryer. This contest is powered by Sverve. Toys In The Dryer and Sverve do not endorse, or sponsor this promotion. Toys In The Dryer is not responsible for choosing the winner nor are they responsible for providing winner with the prize. This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Pinterest. By participating, you hereby release and hold harmless Pinterest and Toys In The Dryer from any and all liability associated … [Read more...]

VTech® Kid Connect on the InnoTab® 3S #Spon

If you haven't learned it already, we are big fans of the VTech® InnoTabs®.  We've reviewed both the InnoTab® 2S and the InnoTab® 3S.  Through those reviews we were given the opportunity to try the VTech Kid Connect app. The InnoTab 3S is the ONLY children’s learning tablet with VTech Kid Connect.  What is this app?  It is an exclusive app that lets kids and parents send text messages, voice messages, photos/drawings, and stickers between tablet-to-mobile and tablet-to-tablet.  It helps parents stay connected to their kids when apart – anytime, anywhere! Though we haven't tried this app outside of our home, it has been great way to cut down the yelling in our house.  I've texted the kids upstairs to tell them that dinner is ready rather than yelling at them from the kitchen!  It's also been a super fun app for us to just have random fun during the day.  My kids can't wait to try it out at a friend's house and I feel ok letting them do it because I know that the VTech Kid … [Read more...]

Blueberry Bubble Gum Book Review and Giveaway! #ad

When I was asked to review the book Blueberry Bubble Gum by Mahamad Ali ElFakir,  (not an affiliate link) I honestly didn't know what to think.  At first the book didn't seem that interesting and appeared to be geared more toward boys, but I decided to bite and I'm glad I did! A little about the book: Blueberry Bubble Gum follows Max as he is gearing up for a summer of baseball with his friends. He’s expecting fun in the sun and long, lazy days. But to his surprise, he finds himself transported to a strange and wonderful world after chewing magical blueberry bubble gum—bubble gum his parents warned him not to chew! Through Blueberry Bubble Gum you can follow his adventures through Blueberry Bubble Gum World and meet the fascinating creatures who live there—the Blueberry Boy, King Erudition, and the lumpy, moldy green evil Waywards. Readers will find out if Max learns his lesson and finds his way home in this thrilling journey! The author says, “A child’s imagination can inspire … [Read more...]

Purex Fels-Naptha Laundry Bar Review #Spon

If you have kids then you know stains! You know that they spill things, smear things, and soil things. One thing that drives me incredibly batty is the fact that my daughter uses her clothing as a napkin. Does anyone know how to get her to stop? I have tried everything short of safety pinning a napkin to her clothes. I'm pretty good at getting stains out of clothing...heck I have lots of practice with four kids and an equally messy husband...but one thing I have never been able to manage getting out was grease stains. Grease from splattered oil, grease from juice, grease from the garage, and grease from using your shirt as a napkin. I've tried a lot of things! Well, after I received my free bar of Fels-Naptha Laundry Bar I knew exactly what I was going to do to put it to the REAL test! I grabbed one of my daughters favorite shirts and got to work....well work I didn't have to do. I simply followed the directions on the bar and let Fels-Naptha do the work. I got my daughters shirt wet … [Read more...]

A New Kind Of Reading #Alicewinks #spon

My mom gave Nutty a Nook for her 7th birthday a few days ago.  She was thrilled!  Nutty LOVES to read.  Don't get me wrong, she is more than excited that she can download apps on her Nook, but she is most excited that she can read with it.  What a perfect time to review our first ever multimedia book--Alicewinks! ​What is Alicewinks you ask?   "Alicewinks is a multimedia iBook that brings the timeless illustrations of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland to life for digital audiences. Alicewinks pairs a rich narration of Lewis Carroll’s unabridged text with 193 original illustrations by twelve early 20th century artists, all brought together for tablets in animated, portrait-oriented video."   In other words, it's the original Alice In Wonderland for modern kids. Ok, before I go on, you may or may not have noticed that the quote above stated that Alicewinks is an iBook.  Yes, Alicewinks is available on iTunes, but you can find it on Google Play and Amazon for those of us … [Read more...]

20 Mule Team Borax #spon

Have you ever heard of Borax? In all honesty I have been using it for years. With four kids in this house (not to mention a husband) our laundry needs all the help it can get. A lot of people call me "crunchy," in other words I like to use things that are natural or organic. Borax is completely natural! Borax is the common name for sodium tetraborate....it's a substance that occurs naturally by the the constant evaporation of lake water. If you think about it, nature often makes the perfect things for us....whenever they occur naturally I think "hmmm, there must be a reason why nature made it."  When you use Borax you can rest assure that nothing is added to it...nothing! No chemicals, no chlorine, no phosphates, no sulfates.  Borax has many uses too! I posted on our Facebook page "I've heard of people using Borax in their laundry....what else do you use it for? Today I added a 1/4 cup to my dishwasher and ended up with spot LESS glasses!" I was shocked by all the responses I got. … [Read more...]