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Cadbury® Creme Eggs® Milkshakes–Pinned it, Did it!

Easter is one of my favorite times of year for candy because that’s when Cadbury® Creme Eggs® come out.  I am seriously addicted to these eggs!

 I was browsing Pinterest last Easter and came across Cadbury® Creme Egg® Milkshakes.  OMG, yum!  I at first thought that this link would lead me to a recipe that made milkshakes that tasted like the best little eggs ever, however, these milkshakes are made with them.

They are nothing more than Cadbury® Creme Eggs®, vanilla ice cream, and a little bit of milk blended together.  If you want to get all technical about ratios how how much goes into the shakes you can visit the original site recipe.

Though simple, this milkshake is to die for!  Super sweet, however, so I wouldn’t recommend drinking a glass the size of what they made.

What is your favorite Easter candy?

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  1. I love creme eggs too! I just made creme egg cupcakes this weekend on my blog! this milkshake with my cupcakes would be lethal!

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