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Bunny Bunting Banner

Do you or your kids like Peeps? You know those marshmallows that are shaped into various animals covered in sugar. My kids LOVE them and I think they are pretty cute! I thought it might be fun to make a “Peep” shaped banner for our fireplace with my oldest son.

make an Easter bunting

Here is what you will need:
a variety of colored paper
hot glue (or school glue)
bunny shaped peeps (or a bunny print)

make an Easter bunting

I took one bunny-shaped Peep and traced it to make a pattern and then cut that pattern out so I could help my son trace the shapes onto the paper we selected.

We traced the bunny onto several “spring” colored pieces of card stock paper. We traced about 12 of each color.

make an Easter bunting
make an Easter bunting

After we cut them out we organized them into pretty little piles =)  (cause I’m crazy like that)

make an Easter bunting

We took a little brown marker to make the eyes and noses on each bunny and set them aside.
I was planning on using a simple ribbon to attach them but I liked the idea of using ric rack to add a special touch to it.
I twisted two colors of ric rack together and was frustrated that it was bunching and curling up upon itself. So I remembered a tip my grandma taught me. I pulled out my flat iron and ironed the twisted ric rack.

make an Easter bunting

We attached each of our Peeps to the ribbon and sat back and enjoyed our creation!

make an Easter bunting

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