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Bethenny’s #CallingAllMyGirls Tour + TITD After Hours

Welcome to Toys In The Dryer’s first ever After Hours post. This will be the only one you will see on our front page. Are you confused yet? Let me explain…

Toys In The Dryer After Hours

Lindsi and I were invited to attend Bethenny Frankel’s Calling All My Girls Party in Minneapolis on Wednesday, August 6th. Bethenny is best known as the founder of the Skinny Girl Brand and is a former cast member of The Real Housewives of New York. She is now launching her own talk show called bethenny on the Fox network on September 9th. The Calling All My Girls tour is a fun way to promote Bethenny’s talk show.

Contrary to our blog, Bethenny is known to share too much information and is not afraid to “go there,” however, among her controversial topics, she also focuses on family topics. So far, our blog has been family friendly and politically correct. It will continue to stay that way on our front page. However…Lindsi and I (along with the majority of our readers) are not only moms, we are women who like to have fun. Our blog may suggest that we have “perfect” children and marriages but we don’t. Lindsi is as organized as she appears to be here, but I am definitely NOT.

Bethenny made us realize that we can be both family oriented/politically correct AND have some fun/be completely real. With that in mind, we are starting After Hours posts…

Every now and then we’ll post a “less family friendly” topic. This post will go up on our blog in the evening after most kids are in bed (thus they are called After Hour Posts) and will not be featured on our front page. In order to see it, you must be a subscriber of ours in some way (preferably through RSS or email so you don’t miss it).

Stay tuned…our first real After Hours post will be later this week and will be about what happened at the Calling All My Girls party!

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