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Barley + Vine Restaurant Opened in Lakeville

Last week Hubby, I, and two of our friends had the opportunity to attend Barley + Vine Restaurant’s soft opening. We were very much looking forward to checking out the new place in town as we live within walking distance from it and have seen the building change venues way too many times. We were not disappointed with our visit!

Barley + Vine Restaurant Review

Only the name has changed on the outside of the building, but the inside is better than the previous restaurant. Gone is the crazy blue tile behind the bar, replaced with a real copper penny backsplash and a subtle ceiling. The layout of the dining room seating seemed less crowded and the overall atmosphere was inviting.

Our server, Emily, was knowledgeable on the menu and helpful in deciding what we wanted to eat. The staff we talked with seemed genuinely excited about working. As with all opening nights, there were a few kinks but I’m not going to dwell on them. The staff will get into their groove.

Barley + Vine Restaurant Review

The food was delicious! We started with a cheese board with Grand Cru Gruyere, Tillamook Extra-Sharp Cheddar, and Lemon Stilton. Though the Gruyere and Cheddar were good, the Stilton blew us away! The cheese was served on a block cutting board that we wanted to take home with us! A fun and unique appetizer. We ordered some highlighted cocktails right away too. All were a bit too strong and it was hard to get an idea of what they should taste like. I’m hoping this is opening night kinks.

Barley + Vine Restaurant Review

Two of us ordered the Parmesan Walleye. A light dish with great lemon flavor. I loved the way the veggies were sliced and the potatoes, though heavier, definitely complimented the lightness of the fish and veggies.

Barley + Vine Restaurant Review

Hubby ordered the Pan-Seared Salmon. A salmon lover, hubby said he’d definitely order the dish again. He would have preferred my mashed potatoes over the cut potatoes in his dish but that’s personal preference.

Barley + Vine Restaurant Review

Our friend ordered the Short Rib Burger. Essentially ribs on a bun. I didn’t get any specific feedback from him except that he liked it.

Barley + Vine Restaurant Review

We split three different desserts between the four of us (why not?). The Almond Joy was a bit more cocoa than dark chocolate tasting and was definitely missing the coconut flavor. The Creme Brulee was average. It came cold and I prefer room-temp. The Nutella Cheesecake, however, was to die for! A definite must-have-again!

We didn’t bring our kids but I did check out the kid’s menu. It’s got your regular kid items on it such as pizza, hamburgers/cheeseburgers, chicken tenders, and more. All entrees were $6.

Hubby and my bill came to $95 (before the soft opening discount). Keep in mind that we ordered a little more than we usually would as we knew that we weren’t going to pay full price at the end of the night. Order less cocktails and desserts and you can easily have a dinner date for less than $75. Not bad for a more upscale restaurant.

Overall, the atmosphere was inviting, the food was delicious, the drinks need some work, and the price is reasonable. Barley + Vine will be one of our new frequented restaurants. We can’t wait for the patio to open so we can make it our summer evening hang-out! The four of us have high hopes that Barley + Vine is finally here to stay.

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