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Back to School- Then and Now

Many kids are getting ready to head back to the books (or may have already depending on where you live). Jamie and I were talking about how things have changed.

The conversation went a little like this:
Lindsi- “I can’t believe only 2 more weeks until S’s first day of school!”
Jamie- “Me either! I can’t believe K is going to be in 1st grade. I just finished getting all of her school supplies. And I found the stylis that she needs for her iPad.”
Lindsi- “What? Her iPad? When did she get one of those?”
Jamie- “She didn’t. Each kid in her school gets one!”
Lindsi- insert looooooooooong pause here “holy crap!”

Then we chatted a bit more and decided on a few things that have drastically changed over the years. Before- you know, when our parents were in school, During- when we were in school, After- now that our kids are in school.

Let’s start off with math! Math was something I thought didn’t change over time…but as you see below….it has!


Next we have our History lesson. The good ol’ Oregon Trail. Our parents only knew it as a bit of history in their books. We knew it as the green or orange colored game that was WAY cool….our kids think the Oregon Trail is silly game they can play on Facebook.


Calling home during school has changed quite a bit as well. It used to require a quarter or a dime, then it changed to double A batteries, and now it simply requires a phone plan.


Finally, an area where I had hoped we’d improved upon, but after further investigation I’m not completely sure we have, clothing! Style has come and gone, changed and evolved but I am certain the “style” from MY high school days will live on in infamy as HORRIBLE!

Fashion Faux Pas of ETERNITY- During

What things have you seen change as you remember back to your first days of school?


  1. i don’t know, i kind of miss the parachute pants.

    i was shocked to discover that my kids were issued planners this year. my first grader is now carrying around an agenda book with a calendar and to-do list on it. i’m wondering if they get business cards too.

    we also moved to smart boards and projection television things. no more chalkboards. they don’t even have to use the dry erase board. just a computer with power point presentations.


    • Susan- thanks for reminding me about the projectors! Oh how I longed to be the one who got to clean the clear plastic film after the teacher marked it all up with those water erase markers. HA!

      As for the agenda book, calendar, and to-do list- well that’s just crazy!

  2. The technology is something that’s changed immensely. In later elementary school, there were computers in our classrooms. But maybe one per grade level- on a rolling cart that that teachers had to push back and forth between their classes and share. And when I took a computer class in junior high, we were writing programs like Line 10 read next Line 20 “p” and so forth. Now? My 4y/o knows how to get to all his favorite websites without my help.

  3. Oh gosh!! I remember that…computers on carts =) he he he
    My 5 year old asked for an iPad for his birthday…I think when I was turning 6 I asked for a Barbie LOL

  4. I hear ya Sara- We had to bring Kleenex, disinfecting wipes and dry erase markers for the classroom.

  5. My little cousin got an iPad from her school, too. I want to go back to school! Where is MY incentive??? We even had to bring the kleenexes. We got ripped off!

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