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Helping to Honor Local Heros #MNHeroes14

I am excited and proud to announce that I have been selected as one of 8 Social Media Advocates for the American Red Cross Northern Minnesota Region. This is not a paid gig nor am I receiving any kind of compensation for being a Social Media Advocate. I gladly volunteered because I believe in the American Red Cross and it’s life-saving efforts.

American Red Cross Northern Minnesota Region

My main goal as a Social Media Advocate is to promote the Heroes Breakfast on Thursday, June 5th. The Heroes Breakfast honors individuals who have made the simple, yet powerful decision to put their personal needs aside in order to help others. Awards will go to 6 local people: the founder of Serving Our Troops, a sophomore aged athlete, an Air Force Reserve Captain turned small business owner, a Lake Superior Warehousing Foreman, a former Washington County Sheriff’s Deputy, and an amputee. To find out more about these honorees, read their full profiles. I encourage you to attend the Heroes Breakfast on June 5th. You will truly be inspired by these people!

Red Cross Social Advocates

As a Social Advocate, I was invited to meet the honorees and get a tour of the American Red Cross Northern Minnesota headquarters. Unfortunately I was (what I felt like) on my death bed for the entire week last week. I was too sick to go and I am extremely bummed. Above you can see some of my fellow Social Advocates doing what social media people do…tweet, Facebook, Instagram, etc., on their phones while Regional Red Cross CEO Phil Hansen wonders what they are doing. You can check out their antics by searching the hashtag #MNHeroes14.

Continue to follow the hashtag #MNHeroes14 for more information about the Heroes Breakfast and the American Red Cross.

I am happy to partner with the American Red Cross Northern Minnesota Region as a Social Media Advocate. I hope to continue my relationship with the American Red Cross beyond my time as a current Social Media Advocate.


  1. I was busy downloading the Red Cross First Aid app! Honest! 🙂

    Super great to be alongside you helping tell the story of these great heroes and the awesome work the Red Cross does.

    Thanks, Jamie!


  1. […] to defend to you. However, I DID end of taking the challenge after being called out by a fellow Red Cross Social Media Advocate, Astronaut Abby and my neighbor Annie. I put my own twist on the challenge though and you’re […]

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