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9 Spring Activities For Kids

We’re still getting some snow showers in Minnesota but it isn’t sticking around. The daytime highs have been reaching at least 50 degrees. The grass is starting to green and the trees are budding. What does that mean? It’s SPRING!! Today I bring you 9 must do spring activities for kids.

spring activities for kids

1) Cloud Watching

Spring is the perfect time to watch the clouds as the weather is usually unstable which means more clouds in the sky. Get educational with your kids and predict the weather based on what clouds you see.

2) Begin a garden

It’s still too cold to plant outside for us right now but it’s not too cold to start plants inside. It’s fun to start your garden from seeds!

3) Fly a kite

Spring makes great kite flying weather as it’s usually a bit windy due to the weather changes. Make your own kite or buy a fun one from the store.

4) Family Bike Ride

You’ve been cooped up all winter. It’s time to get outside, enjoy the sun, and get some exercise!

5) Find a bird’s nest

Don’t disturb the nest but watch to see if the momma bird comes back to lay eggs then watch the babies grow. We have a nest that a robin has been returning to for years! Speaking of nests, why don’t you give the birds something to make their nests out of?

6) Make a bird house

If you can’t find a bird’s nest in a tree, make a bird house for the birds. This way you’ll know exactly where to look each year to watch baby birds hatch and grow.

7) Explore nature

Go for a nature walk and look for flowers that are just starting to pop through the ground, buds on the trees, insects that have just woken from a winter nap, birds that are coming back from winter migration…

8) Have a picnic

It’s time to get out and enjoy the fresh air again! What better way then to have a picnic.

9) Try geocaching

Geocaching is quickly becoming a popular thing to do for adults and kids. In fact, I’m making it a point to do it with my girls for the first time this spring!

What spring activities are you doing with your family?

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