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50 Ideas for Road Trip Bags

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Tis the time to start thinking about Holiday traveling.  After all, Thankgiving and Christmas are just around the corner and I’m sure many of you travel.

Twice a year we make the journey up north to Papa Tractors house….it is a six-hour drive each way. Over the years I have fine tuned our trip to include things to pass the time. This year I put all those things together into one bag! Each kiddo got their own, personalized, basket for the road trip. Here are a list of 50 things you could pack into a road trip bag to keep the kids entertained.

  1. Crayons
  2. Sheets to color on (I found 100 foot rolls of coloring paper in the dollar section!)
  3. Traffic BINGO (didn’t we all play this as a kid?)
  4. Library books (This was a huge hit because they were something new, not books they’ve seen before)
  5. One snack for each hour (this helps our kids know the answer to the dreaded question “how much longer?”)
  6. Water bottle (gotta stay hydrated)
  7. Batteries (for any electronic device)
  8. InnoTab by VTech
  9. Games for your electronic devices
  10. Headphones (because listening to those games for hours will be too much for anyone!)
  11. A lovie (my kids each have a special bear that they bring with)
  12. A Blanket (something soft to snuggle with in the car)
  13. A pillow (not necessarily for sleeping with but to use as a table top for their things)
  14. A map (I print one off of my computer and draw in the route we’re taking, they love being able to follow along)
  15. Rewards (I keep these in my secret bag in the front, for good behavior, polite manners and using quiet voices)
  16. “Homework” (even if school isn’t in session road trips are a great opportunity for kids to learn along the way)
  17. Music for them! (I can’t stress this enough…there was nothing worse than having to be strapped into a car and listen to your parents music for hours on end!)
  18. I Spy Bottles
  19. Popsicle Stick Puzzles
  20. Lacing shapes (this is a great time for them to learn how to lace and tie shoes!)
  21. Sticker books
  22. Where’s Waldo (surprisingly this old-time is still a HUGE favorite!)
  23. Tin Foil and Markers (Did you know you can color on tin foil with markers? My kids love to do this and it’s cheap!)
  24. Paper Dolls (my daughter thinks I am the coolest mom ever because I made her a bunch with my Cricut Die Cut Machine)
  25. Small plastic bag (for trash, just because you’re stuck in a car doesn’t mean you have to trash the floor)
  26. Window Markers (I reserve this one for my oldest because he knows he can only color on the windows)
  27. Wipes (It’s amazing to me how much they appreciate these! No one likes sticky fingers and giving them their own package of wipes is the cure)
  28. Scavenger Hunt Sheets (give them a list of 10 things they have to find along the trip)
  29. Road Trip questionnaire (Fill a sheet with 15 or more questions for them to ask YOU along the way about yourself, daddy, or the place you are going)
  30. Dry Erase Boards
  31. Squirrel Mix
  32. Word Search
  33. Package of Pipe Cleaners and beads (my kids made me a dozen bracelets and necklaces)
  34. Cereal Necklaces (a GREAT snack)
  35. Paper Chains (Add one ring every set number of miles- or take one off)
  36. Smore baggies (in a ziploc bag put some mini marshmallows, broken graham crackers and mini chocolate chips)
  37. Bandaids (I know this might seem silly but kids love bandaids….let them stick them all over themselves…who cares!)
  38. Playdough
  39. Glurch
  40. String Games (these are a blast!)
  41. Disposable Camera (face it, kids love to take photos…they’re pretty cheap and they’ll love every minute of it)
  42. Audio Books (you can find these at your local book store or library)
  43. Journal (this will vary based upon age, but school age kids can journal each hour about the things they have seen so far)
  44. Grab Bags (number little brown paper bags, decide how much time must go by before each bag can be opened, each bag contains a special treat or activity)
  45. Deck of cards (a great time to learn War or Go Fish)
  46. Fruit Leather (make your own!)
  47. Doodle Boards
  48. Colorful string (teach your child how to make friendship bracelets like you once did)
  49. Brain Quest Flash Cards
  50. Rubik Cube

What do you do/pack to pass the time on your road trips?


  1. Awesome, thank you! This will be perfect for our upcoming cruise. I know it’s not a car ride, but I think this will really help keep Levi entertained during the flight there and back.

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