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5 Cold Weather Day Activities

It’s been cold in Minnesota lately.  Don’t get me wrong, we’re used to cold, but not THIS cold!
snow day activitiesAir temps in the -20ºF range with wind chills in the -40ºF range?!  School has been canceled for the 4th time this month and we’re going stir crazy!  I decided to look back through our archives to come up with 5 cold weather day activities we can do during this crazy, stuck indoor time.

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1)  Make and indoor obstacle course

indoorcourse 002a The perfect way to burn off energy while sparking imagination! Arrange and re-arrange to come up with endless obstacles. Spread it all over the house for more exercise!

2) Corn Starch and Water

corn starch and waterNeed a quieter activity that will keep your kids busy for at least an hour?  Try the corn starch and water science experiment.  You just might end up playing with it yourself!

3) Paper Beads

paper beadsBring out the crafty side in your kids by making beads out of paper.  You should have all the supplies just lying around your house.  It’s  good way to use up old magazines and newspapers.

4) Have a Dance Party

danceAnother great way to burn off energy. It also helps to brighten your mood if you join in!

5) 101 Answers to “I’m Bored”

When all else fails, check out more ideas!

What’s the weather like where you live and what have you been doing?

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