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5 Activities to Keep Your Sick Child Quiet but Occupied #SickJustGotReal

I have partnered with Pfizer Pediatric Platform for 5 Activities to Keep Your Sick Child Quiet but Occupied. The products featured, information, and additional gift pack have been provided by Pfizer Consumer Healthcare. All thoughts and reviews are my own.

Activities sick child

It may be spring in Minnesota but we’re still not quite out of cold and flu season. In fact, my friends and their children are getting sick left and right lately (at least that’s what it seems like). Pfizer Pediatric, Target, and I want to help you get prepared for the fevers, coughs, and colds that may still be coming your way this season. If Sick Just Got Real™ for your family, products like Children’s Advil®, Children’s Robitussin®, and/or Children’s Dimetapp® may help your children feel better, while the 5 activities below will keep them occupied but quiet so they can recover faster.

activities sick child

  • Infants’ and Children’s Advil® provide unsurpassed fever and pain relief(1), and contain ibuprofen, the medicine pediatricians use most for their own kids’ fevers(2) (for ages 6 months -11 years).
  • Children’s Robitussin® provides soothing action and cough control with some formulations lasting up to 8 hours (for ages 6-12 years).
  • Children’s Dimetapp® provides great-tasting cold-fighting power and is the #1 pharmacist recommended brand for children’s cough & cold symptoms(3) (for ages 6+).

Target and Target.com are the perfect places to buy these Pfizer Pediatric products that help your child combat even the yukiest of colds.

(1) Among OTC pain relievers.
(2) Based on a survey of doctors.
(3) Source: 2015-16 Pharmacy Times and U.S. News & World Report.
*It is important to remember to always read and keep the cartons for complete warnings and dosing information on Pfizer Pediatric Platform products and to use as directed.

We all know how hard it is to keep a sick child quiet and occupied once they start to feel better. That’s why I’ve come up with 5 activities for your sick child:

“I Spy” Bottles

It’s been about 5 years since the girls and I made our first “I Spy” Bottle and we’ve made many more since then. They really do keep the whole family quiet and occupied!

Paper Beads

Make jewelry while you are sick with these paper beads. They’ll require a little help from an adult but it’s worth it when your child hands you a pretty necklace!

Snow Globes

Snow globes aren’t just for winter. Littler kids will be mesmerized watching the oil, water, and glitter float around in these jars.


Cheap, easy, and non-messy fun, glurch/slime is sure to impress and keep busy even the pickiest of kids.

Scratch Drawing

Scratch drawing is a new take on just plain coloring. A three-step process keeps kids busier (and quiet) longer.

activities sick child

When sick gets real in your house, go to Target and get Children’s Advil®, Children’s Robitussin®, and/or Children’s Dimetapp® then try these 5 activities to keep your sick child quiet but occupied so they can get better faster.

Getting sick can be expensive so Pfizer Pediatric Platform is allowing me to give away a bundle of Pfizer Pediatric products! Enter below!

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