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“Eyelash Crack”

Good Morning Lash Ladies! Lash Ladies? Yup, that’s what I said! Lindsi here….I want to introduce you to a fantastic, no scratch that, incredible product! My friend Molly introduced me to “Lash Crack” a couple of months ago and it is indeed that….addicting! I have had so many compliments on my eyelashes since I started using 3D Fibers from Younique (my virtual party link) I can’t even keep track. People are commenting on the thickness of my lashes, the length of my lashes and just the over all look of my lashes. I am incredibly impressed and I know you will be too!


I’ve had a ton of questions about this awesome product. So let me give you some info and a story of why Younique and why this crazy busy mom of 4 boys (7 and under) decided to give it a try!

First and foremost…I LOVE working with a bunch of WOMEN and MOMS and my favorite buyers are WOMEN and MOMS!

So, as a crazy busy mom, my daily routine consists of a quick shower (if I get that in) and a quick application of makeup…which consists of a little powder, LASHES and colored lip gloss.

I love LASHES and I’m obsessed with mascara! Why? Because eyes are always the first thing I look at when I meet someone or talk to someone! I always want to put my best “Lash” forward.

When I learned about Younique…my first thought was “too good to be true.” So I picked up the phone and called my girlfriend Jen and asked that very question, “is it too good to be true?”


Obviously I was convinced I needed to get this product to all the MOMS and WOMEN in my life! Especially because I cannot afford lash extensions or products that promote growth. And I’ve heard horror stories of both. For example, lashes falling out.

The 3D Fibers made from natural green tea fibers. All Younique products are natural or organic. All products are sustainably sourced and the ingredients for each product are listed on our website and the products packaging.

The 3D Fiber Mascara consists of two tubes, one gel, one fiber. This is where the experimenting starts. You can start with a coat of your own mascara then apply the gel (one eye at a time), when the gel is wet apply the fibers and then a final coat of gel. Or you can do this process in reverse and apply your own mascara at the end or the best part…you can ditch your old mascara all together! If you want really dramatic lashes, you can do the application twice or three times…whatever your “lash” desires! At the end of the day, you wash your face like normal and repeat in the morning.

It’s really that simple! Give them a try, you’ll be hooked! Promise, we have a LOVE it guarantee!



  1. Jen Dillon says:

    Best product EVER!!!! It is just mascara but it will rock your world. 🙂 I cannot imagine ever going without anymore!

  2. Omgosh!!! This sounds incredible! I want some lash crack!!!

  3. I am obsessed with the stuff!

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