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16 Tips For Running In A Color Race

This post is sponsored by Tum-E Yummies® fruit flavored drinks however all opinions are my own.

This September my girls and I are running our first color race, the Color Vibe™ to be exact. I was suppose to run a similar race last year but it was cold and rainy that day so I opted not to go. I have regretted it ever since. When Tum-E Yummies® fruit flavored drinks contacted my family to participate in Color Your World along with them and Color Vibe™ I immediately said yes! I can’t wait to have a ton of fun with the girls!

Color Race Tips

(Lindsi, occasional co-author of Toys In The Dryer)

Though I have never ran a color race before, I do have plenty of friends who have done one. I asked them to share with me some tips for making it fun and easy. This is what they had to say:

1) Have fun. Though it’s called a race, most people walk. People of all ages and abilities participate and there’s no prize for being first so relax and enjoy the color!

2) You’ll get color everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE; even in places you least expect. Just be warned.

3) Keep your mouth closed in the color zones. Speaking of color everywhere, unless you want rainbow teeth, keep your mouth closed when you are getting color thrown at you. Plus, the powder is dry and doesn’t taste the greatest.

4) Bring tissues. You are going to need to blow your nose at some point in time. It’s a given when you are breathing in all that color. It’s fun to look at your colorful snot though!

5) Wear colorful clothes but keep your shirt white. Dress the part for your color race by dressing in fun, colorful clothes such as colorful socks or a tutu. Leave your shirt white though because it will help the colors show up more.

6) Bring water. I hope they have water at your race but it’s easy to bring your own and it will be quicker to get. You’ll need it for hydration as well as to rinse your mouth out if you accidentally keep your mouth open in a color zone.

7) Don’t forget sunscreen. It hurts to take a shower after the run if you have a horrible sunburn!

8) Some colors stick longer than others. Some of the colors rinse out of your clothes and off your skin easier than others. Be prepared to have some color on your skin for a day or two after the run.

color race kit

9) If you want permanent color on your clothes, spray with vinegar and then iron. No explanation needed. Just get your shirt super wet then let dry and iron. Supposedly it keeps the color more permanent. Otherwise it washes out pretty well!

10) Wear old shoes. Yes, your shoes will get color, and yes, it is harder to get out than on your clothes.

11) Bring old towels and  sheet. The towels are for help getting some of the color off after the race, the sheet is for the car seats. You’ll want to cover your ENTIRE seat to prevent the color from rubbing off on it. Cover your car seats BEFORE the race. Hint: If you stop by the Tum-E Yummies® booth at a Color Vibe™ race you can get an awesome plastic car seat cover so you don’t have to get a sheet dirty.

12) Put your phone/camera in a resealable sandwich bag. This allows you to attempt to take photos without the worry of the dust hurting your phone/camera. Just make sure the bag is completely sealed.

13) The colors muddle together. This is especially true if the colors get wet from water or sweat. You’ll most likely end up looking more brown than multi-colored like the promo photos show.

14) You get more color after the race than during the race. After the race you can throw color at each other. This color is a direct hit verses a cloud. You’ll be more colorful after this.

15) Protect your eyes. Sunglasses will help keep the color from getting directly in your eyes. Goggles are even better if you have sensitive eyes.

16) Make your own extra powder for more fun! Find the directions on Cutie Booty Cakes.

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