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14 days of Valentine’s Fun Stuff Fridays (#9)

Remember when Linkys were all the rage in blogging? They were a great way to find and get to know other bloggers before social media and Pinterest became mainstream. It didn’t hurt that they brought a ton of traffic to your site too. Lindsi and I started our Fun Stuff Fridays linky back in 2011. We kept it going for 20 weeks before it fizzled out (or we got sick of doing it, I’m not sure which happened).

It is now soon to be 2017 and at lot of the links in those linkies no longer exist. Plus, I’ve let my link up subscription lapse so you can’t get to them anyway. Instead of deleting the Fun Stuff Fridays posts, however, I have decided to clean them up and make sure our featured links are still valid. After all, on a rare occasion I get traffic from one of these old posts. The linky may be gone but the featured posts are still valid as of December 2016…

Welcome to day 3 of Toys In The Dryer 14 Days of Valentines!

Welcome to Fun Stuff Fridays. Can’t wait to see your amazing submissions this week! Feel free to submit as many ideas as you want over that time. And remember- spread the word!

Our joint favorite pick was the Valentine’s Wreath submitted by School House Scraps. This is one of those “duh, why didn’t I think to do something cute like this?” posts.  Absolutely adorable AND super easy.  Cheap doesn’t hurt either! We added this to our Pinterest board for inspiration! (School House Scraps no longer exists)

Jamie’s favorite pick from this past week was the Chocolate Covered Fluffernutter Hearts submitted by Homegrown Beanes. As her post says, “Do you ever have one of those days where you just need a little pick me up?”  Um…these would definitely pick me and the rest of my family up!  All I can say is, “YUM”!

Lindsi’s favorite pick from this past week was Scratch- Off Valentines Countdown submitted by Destination Craft. I never knew you could make your own scratch-offs and I am so excited to see this! This will be something to “keep in my back pocket” for future use. My kids would love this!


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  1. Great features! Thanks for hosting!

  2. Thanks so much for hosting! Hope you have a great weekend 🙂

  3. Thank you for hosting!

  4. Just linked up my planets, I may have accidentally linked it twice – sorry about that if I did.

  5. Clairejustine says:

    Hi I’m a new follower,thanks for hosting 🙂

  6. An Irish Italian Blessing says:

    Thanks so much for the invite to link up!!

  7. Jenny from Crossing the Bugger-Dixon Line says:

    thanks for the invite! I linked up my Peg Doll Valentines!

  8. Four Marrs and One Venus says:

    Thanks for the Fantastic Party!! Have a great weekend! -Jen

  9. Courtney @ A Diamond in the Stuff says:

    Thanks for inviting me over, I linked up my framed loved letters!!!!

  10. Sheryl @ Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds says:

    Thank you for hosting again, but I realized I shared the wrong post!! The one I shared is not Valentine-related. So if you need to pull it, I completely understand. It’s #125. I will share a Valentines-related post after school. Thanks!!

  11. Sheryl @ Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds says:

    Just me again. I deleted the fire truck post and added the one I intended. You can delete both of my comments. Sorry for the confusion!

  12. Thanks for inviting me to link up!

  13. Hani@Craftionary says:

    thanks for inviting me to join the party.. I am so happy to be here.. 🙂 I am following you for more great ideas..
    Have a great weekend!
    P.S: I am a friday fun party going on right now, come and be a part of it!

  14. Jenny Melrose says:

    Thanks for inviting me to link up. I’m your newest follower. http://www.thenymelrosefamily.blogspot.com

  15. artsy_momma says:

    Thanks for the invite…. happy to join 🙂

  16. Thanks for stopping by to visit and inviting me to your great linky party.

  17. {Hi Sugarplum!} says:

    Thanks for the invite and fun party!!

  18. I love this linky party and appreciate the invite! Posted two link ups and can’t wait to visit some of the great posts above!

  19. Thank you for inviting me Lindsi – I have linked up and joined your followers – you have a great blog xx Nat

  20. Thanks for the invite! I picked up one of your buttons!

    Linda at OrnamentPlace.com

  21. Thanks for hosting!!


  22. Amy Fredrikson says:

    I love all your Valentine’s day stuff! So crafty 🙂

  23. Super fun party!! So happy I’ve stumbled onto your blog. Excited to browse all the fun links.

  24. Thanks Ms. Redo- we’re so excited to have you link up with us.

  25. Erin of Salvaged Whimsy says:

    What a fun party – thanks for stopping by and for the invite to your party.

  26. Love those features! Thanks for hostessing a Valentine party, so much fun – I linked my cut glass and Kisses post from this week. Hugs ~ Mary

  27. Thanks so much for your sweet comments and for inviting me over! 🙂

  28. debbie refresh restyle says:

    Thanks for hosting!

  29. Thanks for hosting!

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