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10 Pinterest Ideas I Don’t Have Time For

I love Pinterest. As almost everyone knows, it’s a place FULL of ideas. Some are things we can actually do, others I look at and go, “who has time for that?!”. Today I’m bringing you 1o Pinterest ideas I don’t have time for. I mean really, who does this stuff?

pinterest ideas i don't have time for

Ok, I DO know someone who does these type of things…Lindsi, my former co-author turned occasional contributor here. You’ll see as I go ahead… I, however, and contrary to how I may look on this blog, am just not that patient or creative.

Pinterest no time 1

The Cardboard Tube Log Cabin

It’s an awesome idea, don’t get me wrong, but really? First, how long did it take to save up all those cardboard tubes? Second, how frustrating was it to make them stack up like that? Third, how much tape did they use in making this cabin? I’ll pass.

pinterest no time 2

The Cardboard Village

Speaking of cardboard houses, Lifehack has an entire cardboard village! Is this even functional to play with, or is making it the entire idea? My girls would get bored and/or frustrated really quickly with this activity. Cheap? Yes. “Make my life easier”? No.

pinterest ideas I have no time for

Cute Sandwiches

Yes, these are super cute, but they are practical? Lindsi has made some cute lunches like this, but the one time I attempted to make them I wasted food. The cookie cutter can only fit so many times on one piece of bread. The girls were almost late for school due to the time it took to make the cute lunches. Plus, how are you actually supposed to eat these?

pinterest ideas i have no time for

Cute Vegetables

While we’re talking cute sandwiches, we might as well talk cute vegetables. I realize that arranging vegetables in a fun fashion is supposed to make them more appealing to eat, but I neither have the time, nor creativity to make a platter like this. Dip makes my vegetables more appealing!

Pinterest no time

Rainbow Jello

While this Jello treat may look awesome, it takes way too much time to make. Jello of one color, Jello and whipped topping of the same color, repeat with each color but let harden in between each layer? That’s like an entire day’s process for a dessert that’s going to be eaten in about 30 seconds. Not worth it.

pinterest ideas i don't have time for

Leprechaun Trap Cake

While we’re on the topic of rainbows, have you seen this Leprechaun Trap Cake? What happened to easy Leprechaun traps? I really don’t want to get super fancy for a creature that doesn’t really exist.

pinterest ideas I don't have time for

American Flag Cake

Fancy cakes you say? Try this American Flag Cake, or not. It took me two days to make this giant smore’s cake that I found on Pinterest and that wasn’t nearly as complicated to assemble. I’m going to stick with basic cakes, thanks.

pinterest ideas i don't have time for

Crepe Paper Table Cloth

While we’re on the topic of patriotic things, does this table decor look remotely practical to you? First, how long does this take to weave? Second, will it really stay in place? Third, and most important, you get this wet and you are screwed! I think basic table cloths are just fine.

pinterest ideas i don't have time for

Over The Top Birthday Parties

I did do a camping birthday party for Nutty’s 7th birthday. I did make a few cute printables and an awesome cake. I did not, however, go completely overboard like some people on Pinterest do. I’m just not that organized nor do I think that it would be truly appreciated by my girls or their friends. They have just as much fun without all the decor as they do with it. Lindsi, on the other hand, throws some amazing, over the top, parties for her kids.

pinterest ideas i don't have time for

REAL Wacky Hair

My girls have wacky hair day at school and we usually put a bunch of barrettes and/or pony tails in their hair. If they are lucky, they get some spray in color. I’m not that great at hair styling nor do I want to wake up early to do a super fancy style for wacky hair day. The barrettes and ponies are just fine.

What are some Pinterest ideas that you don’t have time for?


  1. omg this cracked me up – so true!

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